Comedy: Whole World Improv Theatre vs. Dad’s Garage

Whole World Improv Theatre

Hi everyone! One thing I am always in the mood for is a comedy show. I have seen improv shows at two locations in Atlanta so far: The Whole World Improv Theatre and Dad’s Garage.

Here’s a comparison of the two locations:

  •  If you are in midtown, the Whole World Theatre is very close by and convenient
  • In my opinion, the show I saw at Dad’s Garage was funnier than the one at the Whole World Theatre
  • Both shows are really fun and interactive!
  • The shows are very cheap! Whole World shows are $5 and Dad’s Garage tickets vary from $5.50 to $25.
  • At both locations you can buy a beer to enjoy during the show!
My friends and I with a comedian at Dad’s Garage!

The Whole World Improv Theatre is located at            Dad’s Garage is located at:

1216 Spring St. NW Atlanta, GA 30309                         1105 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
Have fun and enjoy a show!
– Emily

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