Restaurant: Yardhouse + World Cup Game!

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Hello everyone! Like many Americans today, I watched the USA vs. Belgium game with a few friends! It stinks that we didn’t win but I still had a fun time watching. I went to watch the game at Yardhouse, a restaurant in Atlantic Station!
First off, I want to say that I loveddd the way this place looked! From the second I walked in, I got instantly more excited about the game. There is an oval bar area that has silver pipes coming out of it and the rest of the space is filled with tables for dining. There are several TV’s in this restaurant so it was perfect for watching a game!

What we ordered-
Beer: I started with a wheat beer called Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier Dunkel. Don’t worry, you don’t have to say the name, just point to it when you order. Lol My friend ordered the House White Ale and in my opinion it tasted like Blue Moon. If you want to drink a large volume of beer, then you should order a beer in the “half yard” size which is a super tall glass.

Appetizer: We split the Lobster and Artichoke Dip ($12.65) amongst 4 people and it was delicious! It came with tortilla chips and pita bread slices.

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Snacks: Recently I tried the Truffle Fries ($4.95) coated in shredded parmesan and herbs. These were pretty thins but the flavor was wonderful. Theres the perfect amount of salt and truffle oil on these to make me want it again!

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Salad: I ordered the Chopped Salad ($7.95) which I ate as an entree even though it was a starter. This dish technically isn’t a salad but is instead a mix of ingredients so you have to request that they put everything over lettuce. The dish included avocado, bacon, scallions, celery, and bloody-mary vinagrette. It was delicious and filling! (In case you want to go for something heavier, my friend said that he previously ordered a burger and enjoyed it!)

My got a salad lately at Yardhouse is the Ahi Crunchy ($11.95) which is made with seared rare, field greens, asian slaw, crispy wontons, soy vinaigrette. The tuna has the perfect amount of flavor and all the ingredients in this dish go beautifully together. I love the crunch in this dish and have gotten it twice.

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Entree: My friend Natasha ordered the Roasted Turkey Pot Pie ($15.95) which was 1) gigantic and 2) amazing. The waitress brought out the biggest plate ever and there was so much dough on the edge of the plate and over the pot pie- best puff pastry ever. Inside the pot pie was carrots, leeks, celery and fresh herbs and our waitress told us the entire dish was healthy and made from scratch. The size might’ve taken out the healthy aspect of the dish but at least Natasha had enough left over to take home!

The Yardhouse is located at 261 19th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30363. I can see myself going back to this place with my parents or friends and definitely recommend it!

– Emily


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