Bar: Ormsby’s

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago on a Friday night, my friends suggested that we go to a bar that they like to hang out at called Ormsby’s. When I walked in I instantly liked the place. It is a rustic bar with wooden walls and tavern style decorations. One of the most fun things about this place is all the games (you can play backgammon, bocce ball, darts, pool, and more). The games make it easy to meet new people and change up your usual Friday night routines!

Another thing I liked about this place is that they had a photo booth! My friends and I made an impulse decision to jump in it and got the film shown on the right of the post. I have this hanging near my desk as a reminder of what a great night we had! I know the pics look like the bar was empty but there were actually a lot of people there! I definitely recommend Ormsby’s to anyone who wants to go to a unique bar!

Ormsby’s is located at 1170 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318.
– Emily
I do not own the photo of bocce.


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