White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to review an upscale restaurant/bar on Peachtree St NE called White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails! I went here with my friend when we stayed at the Hyatt which is a few steps across the street (to see my review on the Hyatt, click here.) I loved the interior of the restaurant and its “wind-down” vibe. It was not very crowded when we went because it was a week night but nonetheless it was a great place to just sit and chat. My friend and I didn’t get food here but got drinks instead. I think this place is meant to be more of a restaurant than a bar because the bar closes every night at 11 so don’t go too late or it won’t be open!

My drink recommendations: 

  • Red Hare Brewing Co. Long Day Lager- $6
  • Who’s Got the Moonshine Margarita (includes Troy & Son’s Platinum Heirloom Moonshine, Cointreau, W.O.K.C. Sour Mix, Agave Nectar)- $9
Anywho, if you are looking for a calm, quaint place to grab a drink and talk with a friend, I definitely recommend this place!

— Emily


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