Salon: Nail Talk and Spa

Alright so I am live blogging again today but this time I’m at the nail salon! I’m not a regular anywhere so to try somewhere new, I picked “Nail Talk and Spa“. For first impressions, I liked that this nail salon had chic decorations like chandeliers and a classy staircase. There were a good bit of customers but I didn’t have to wait at all which is always great! I was happy with my visit here and could see myself going back! Check out my other comments below.

Other comments about this salon:

  • I loved that they had massage chairs which give you a massage for about 25 mins
  • They have a discount for GT students, your birthday, being over age 55, and for a wedding event if you bring over 5 people
  • The price of the pedicure was only $25 (without the discount).
  • If you get a pedicure, they will also use a sugar scrub on your legs (which was one of the highlights in my opinion!)
  • Don’t go here if you’re in a hurry. My visit lasted for a total of about 50 minutes.
Nail Talk and Spa is located at 950 West Peachtree St Ste 270 Atlanta, GA 30309. Overall it was a great, relaxing place to get a pedicure and I could see myself coming back here!
(P.s. The color I chose for my nails is Opi’s “Do You Lilac It?”)

Leave me comments of nail salons you recommend!

— Emily

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