Octane Coffee

Photo from the Octane on Memorial Dr

Hello again! Alright so today’s coffee shop that I’m reviewing is Octane. This is a super popular place located at 1009 Marietta St NW Atlanta, GA 30318. The interior of the place has a rustic, grungy look to it which I love! There’s a great vibe here created by a mix of people chatting or getting work done

Let me give you a quick run through of my opinion on Octane!

  • Reasonably priced coffee (no more expensive than any other coffee shop)
  • Great tasting drinks. I have tried a few things on the menu with friends and we have all been satisfied with what we got
  • I recommend the vanilla chai tea latte! (Pictured below.)


  • This place is so popular that it is always crowded. There was one time that I walked in, saw no where to sit, and just decided to leave
  • If you are going on a day like Sunday, it is hard to find a table or space for more than one person.
  • Parking is pretty limited.
Let me know about your experience at Octane!
— Emily
I do not own the first picture. 

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