Bike Rental: Atlanta Beltline Bicycle Shop

Hi everyone! Hopefully all of you got to check out my previous post on the Atlanta Beltline (if you didn’t go here!). Unlike some students, I didn’t bring a bike with me to college so I always have to rent one when I want to ride. One place I have gone to multiple times to rent one is a green building called “Atlanta Beltline Bicycle Shop”. It is right on the Beltline and the staff working there is very nice and helpful. The address is: 151 Sampson St NE, Atlanta, GA 30312.

You can rent a bike from 10am to 5pm for just $15. They are first come first serve so I definitely recommend going before 2pm on a Saturday or Sunday otherwise you might have to wait for someone to finish riding first.

A cool thing about this place is that they have an old Volkswagen bus parked out front and you can look at it if that interests you! They also have an old fashioned red bike cart (you can see it in the first pic) which is a great photo spot. As you can see in the photo of my best friend Mariana and I, the shop puts you right on the beltline right after you get your bikes! Definitely recommend this place because of the location and price!

— Emily


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