Guys, I don’t know why, but I had never been to a Braves game until today! I had a lot of fun and could definitely see myself going back to many more games! (I’m in two different outfits in the pics because I went to Turner Field two weeks ago for a beer festival.)

It’s great that before the game you can hang out inside the gate but outside the stadium. There are beer and food stands as well as places to buy merchandise. The game itself was entertaining because they had things like the kiss cam, lip sync, & the Home Depot tool race. There was also one hilarious thing called the Simba Cam where people held up their kids or friends like they hold up Simba in the Lion King. The actual game was great too because of how much the crowd gets into it with cheering & doing things like the chop.

See the Braves schedule here: http://atlanta.braves.mlb.com/schedule/?c_id=atl



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