Restaurant: Front Page News!

Hey everyone! If you ever go out in Midtown, you might have been to Front Page News for an end of the night drink. Well next time it comes across your mind, you should eat lunch or dinner there! There are two locations and I went to the one located at 351 Moreland Ave NE for a meal which was great! Both locations actually look pretty similar with an outdoor seating area (with a fountain!) as well as an indoor one.

In terms of food, I ordered the “In House Pulled Pork BBQ Pork Sandwich” which had “Chipotle BBQ smoked and pulled in house, Fuji apple slaw, and a kaiser bun.” It was awesome but my only critique is that I wish it came with more BBQ sauce (I would request more or to have extra on the side next time.) I loved the quality of the food and the taste of the sandwich and fries so would definitely go back to this place!

— Emily


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