Club: CosmoLava Lounge

I’ve reviewed a lot of restaurants recently so I thought I would switch it up and tell you about a night club today! This one is called CosmoLava and it is in Midtown Atlanta (45 13th St NE).

Cosmo is a great place to go if you’re trying to change it up from just going to bars weekend after weekend. The awesome thing about this place is that it is very spacious. There is a large indoor area as well as an outdoor patio (shown below) on the first floor. On top of that, there is an additional floor where you can go dancing or hang out at the bar! One of my friends had his 22nd birthday celebration here and he said he had an awesome time.

In my opinion, Cosmo was fun & I liked the music selection, but their drinks were pretty pricey. Cosmo can be also be very hit or miss (there was one time I went and there were not many people there) so just to be safe I would suggest going with a big group of friends. The times that it was a hit though, it was awesome!

Let me know what you think of CosmoLava if you decide to go there one day!!



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