EMILY’S CHOICE: French Bakery: Amelie’s

Amelie’s is the cutest little cafe that is the most perfect place for chatting with friends or for studying. I cannot believe that I didn’t know about this place before! My friends and I were actually trying to go to a diner next to it, but after we saw that that place was full, we walked in Amelie’s. I think I will literally be going here all the time when I go back to school. The address is 840 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 & also has a convenient large parking lot! Check out the photos & captions below!


Look at all the tartes! Can’t wait to go back and try them!

I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant and it was delicious. It was so flaky and flavorful and only cost $5.29. You have the option to make whatever breakfast sandwich you want!
I’ve also tried the:

  • baguette sandwiches (particularly in love with the black forest ham + asiago cheese one)
  • pumpkin bisque soup which is delicious
  • lavender lemonade- was not my favorite. It is carbonated and not as refreshing as I was hoping
  • mushroom croissant which was lovely
  • almond croissant (which my best friend Isabella is in love with)
  • caramel latte (generous portions for a little over $4)
  • dirty chai tea latte (in love with this)

Half of the bakery has tables which are great to sit at with friends and the other half has larger chairs and tables which make for a great place to study!

I can already tell that this place is going to make me actually look forward to waking up early on weekends to study. You should definitely check it out!

— Emily


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