Restaurant: Ah Ma

Hello everyone!
Today I will be reviewing the Taiwanese restaurant called “Ah Ma” located at 931 Monroe Dr Atlanta, GA 30308 (it is right next to the Trader Joe’s). I personally really liked this place and thought the food had a great amount of flavor! There are nice decorations around the walls which are painted red. It is a small restaurant but you probably won’t ever have to wait for a table unless it’s during peak hours!
The price of the food is also relatively inexpensive and I believe I paid less than $12 for my dish! Here is everything my friend and I ordered!


My friend ordered the Lu Rao Fan which is a small rice bowl with minced pork and an egg (pictured first) and the pork belly bao (pictured second). He seemed to enjoy both! I should’ve asked him more details about his dishes but it slipped my mind.

I ordered the beef noodle soup and thought it had the perfect amount of flavor and salt! The green onions also added a nice kick which I enjoyed. The meat chunks were not very fatty-which is how I like it!

I will say the soup was a little oily but I think that would be true for any Taiwanese restaurant. This was literally the perfect dish for a chilly, windy day.

Anywho, if you’re looking for a quick and easy place for dinner, I recommend going to Ah Ma! I will definitely go back here since it is such an easy drive through midtown!


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