Restaurant: The Barrelhouse

Hello everyone! I have been twice now to The Barrelhouse which is a restaurant located at 22 5th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30308. It is described as a “comfortable gastropub pairing locavore eats with many craft beers, a warm setting & outdoor seating.” I personally love this place as well as the rustic design of the restaurant! A lot of corporate people come here as well since it is near the Centergy building and other offices.

On one of my visits, I got the Grilled Ham & Cheddar Sandwich ($8.00) which came with caramelized onions on it.  It was the perfect sandwich that was delicious and wasn’t heavy. The onions were definitely my favorite part. The sweet potato fries I got with my side came with an icing dip which I didn’t really think went with this plate so I used ketchup instead. The fries were a bit underseasoned which was a shame because the last time I had eaten the sweet potato fries, they were great. They seem to be hit or miss based on what day you order them.

The other time I went to Barrelhouse was with coworkers. Everything my coworkers got, I would’ve eaten as well if I had the stomach for it. I ordered the Big Phil’s Pastrami & Swiss Reuben which cost $8.00. It included Pastrami, Swiss, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, marbled rye and was so flavorful and amazing.

The Barrelhouse is a good place to go if you love pub food and craft beers. The price is great too with pretty much everything being under $12.

Check this place out the next time you get a lunch break or if you’re by Georgia Tech!

– Emily

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