Restaurant: Umma’s House

Hi everyone! If I’m trying to get work done or just want to eat alone, I like to go Umma’s House. It is a Japanese-Korean style restaurant located in Tech Square. My friends from Korea say that the food here isn’t authentic really at all but I personally still liked it.

My favorite thing to order is the Spicy Chicken or Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box! It costs $9 but comes with a ton of food. You get everything pictured to the right: salad, chicken, rice, an egg roll, and four pieces of sushi! There is free miso soup at this restaurant too and free sauces like soy sauce, sriracha, and spicy mayo.

If you want to try a drink here, I like their bubble teas. Just asked for it iced, not frozen (they’ll put their drinks in a blender sometimes which is not how bubble tea is supposed to be served).

Try to check this place out! I go pretty much once a month.


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