EMILY’S CHOICE: Bakery: Sweet Hut


Hello everyone! I am so excited that they just opened a Sweet Hut Bakery at 933 Peacthree St NE Atlanta, GA 30309. You may have been to the Sweet Hut on Buford Hwy before but if you live close to downtown, this new one is so conveniently close! Sweet Hut is an upscale bakery offering East Asian sweet buns, savory treats & bubble teas. You can also try sandwiches and burgers here and buy their cakes to take home with you! I seriously love this place.. I love studying here and its a great place just to catch up with friends! Here are some of my recommendations:

Bubble Tea ($4): Regular Milk Tea (top), Thai Tea (bottom)
Baked goods $2 (I don’t remember the exact names)-
Cheese & Green Onion Bun (above left), Chocolate Bun (above right),
Chocolate Nutella Danish (bottom)

ALSO: There is usually a Scoutmob for a free baked good from Sweet Hut so definitely use that if you see it!
Like I mentioned, this bakery is a great place to hang out or get work done! I seriously love it! Definitely check it out and try as many pastries as you can!
– Emily


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