Westside Desserts: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Who are my ice cream lovers out there? If you enjoy ice cream, you must go to Jeni’s! I had so much ice cream in my childhood that ice cream doesn’t usually sound that good to me anymore; however, I loved Jeni’s and want to go back many more times! That says a lot. I went to the one on Howell Mill but there are other locations as well like in the Krog Street Market. I love the Howell Mill location because there are other shops to walk around & it is such a cute area- would be a great place for a date! Jeni’s has so many ice cream/ frozen yogurt flavors that are unique and super rich.You are sure to find something you like!
Flavors my friends and I recommend:
Goat cheese and cherries
Brambleberry crisp (taste like a pie!)
Lemon Buttermilk Tart Frozen Yogurt
Queen City Cayenne (Dark Chocolate with Cayenne Pepper)
Dark Chocolate (Pictured below)
Coffee with Cream and Sugar (Picture below)


You must go here! It is super cute and so delicious! Let me know your favorite flavors if you’ve been!


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