Restaurant: Chinese Buddha Restaurant

Hello everyone! This post makes me a little nostalgic because I used to live by this restaurant and go here a good bit. Haha It is Chinese Buddha located at 100 10th St NW and you can dine in or order a pick up. There is never a wait here which is great (it is usually more filled than the picture shows though). It is not authentic Chinese food but the dishes still taste great.

Here are my recommendations for what to try here:


  • Crab Rangoons (so delicious)
  • Hot and Sour Soup (comes with little crisps to put into it)
  • Sesame Chicken (so good! I got it with broccoli [pictured above])
The entrees are usually $9-$12 but I would definitely suggest getting the lunch or dinner specials. You get soup and an eggroll for only $2 more I believe. Great deal.
All the entrees at Chinese Buddha are fairly large too. There are a lot of times where my friends and I would have leftovers. Definitely check this place out next time you’re craving Asian food! (Also, just look at how big this buddha statue is.)
– Emily

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