CLOSED: Coffee Shop: Cafe Nineteen


Hello everyone! A while back, I went to Cafe Nineteen, in Atlantic Station, to meet a blogger for the first time! Although I had never been in, I always thought it looked like the cutest place. It definitely was a great place to meet up with someone or to have a chat with a friend. It’s not a type of coffee shop where I would get work done though (it’s closer to a restaurant than a true coffee shop). The decor is a mix of classy and modern but overall very welcoming and colorful.

I ended up ordering two things:

  1. Mocha with Whip Cream- $4- This was delicious. I know it looks messy but I had a straw so it was manageable. 🙂 Great mix of coffee, chocolate, and milk. Would definitely get this again.
  2. Smoked Salmon Bagel- $7– I loveee smoked salmon and especially loved this bagel dish. It came with an abundant amount of smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, and two bagel buns. So delicious for breakfast or a brunch.
I really liked this place. Too bad it’s gone now.

– Emily


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