Restaurant: Pijiu Belly

Hello everyone!
I am so excited to tell you guys about this restaurant today!! It is called Pijiu Belly and it is located at 678 10th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. You need to go here especially if you go to Georgia Tech because it is literally a mile from campus! Pijiu Belly serves “Southern/American-meets-Asian dishes” and has a local beer menu as well. Food typically ranges from $10-13. There is also a spacious parking lot on the side of the restaurant which I appreciated. My friend and I loved it here so keep on reading to see what we tried!

Thai Tater Tots– sweet potato tots with jalapeños, garlic and sriracha mayo
Yes you did read that correctly. What a combination! This was my favorite thing I tried and I will definitely be back for this again. I loved all the ingredients in this and how they blended together!

PB’s Rotisserie Chicken– $10- dry-rubbed, roasted for hours and then crisped, served with signature beer-BBQ sauce, daikon, pickled jalapeno
This is their most famous dish and I enjoyed it! The chicken had a lot of flavor from the rub and the skin had a great crunch. I loved the way the daikon, bbq sauce, and jalapeno contrasted with the chicken. I ended up choosing the cilantro-lime rice as my side but I wouldn’t recommend it- there wasn’t really much flavor to it.

Next time I go back here, I’m going to try the Pijiu Burger- it’s a patty with a fried egg, kimchi, cheese, BBQ sauce, Sriracha mayo. Sounds amazing!

Bulgogi Hoagie– made with grilled marinated beef, peppers, cheese, and onions.
My friend really enjoyed this and was super full after!

Left: Creature Comforts Bibo– $5- Slightly bitter pilsner that went well with fried foods
Right: Sunshine & Whiskey– $9- Jack Daniel’s, aperol, honey, and soda- my friend really liked this!

For seating, there was a bar area as well as a lot of tables towards the back of the restaurant.

Like I mentioned, you should definitely try this restaurant out! I had a couple of friends go after I went and they told me they loved it! Pijiu Belly also recently started serving brunch on Saturday and Sundays (11am-3:30pm) including Chicken & Waffles and their famous rotisserie chicken- so if you’re a brunch lover check it out!

If you take pictures of your meal at Pijiu belly, tag them on Instagram at @PijiuBelly and use the hashtag #PijiuBelly on Twitter & Instagram!

Shout out to Tori Allen from Tori Allen PR for inviting my friend and I to try out this restaurant! We had a great time so thank you! I will be going back here!
– Emily


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