EMILY’S CHOICE: Restaurant: Fontaine’s Oyster House

Hello pals, I’m coming in hot with a guest post for Emily’s Atlanta for the Young blog. My name is Harry and I will be Emily’s new roommate this fall, so hopefully this isn’t the last time you will hear from me! 

Now lets get down to business, today I’m talking seafood, and by seafood I mean oysters. Fontaine’s Oyster House to be exact. This awesome restaurant is located in the Virginia Highlands and is on the busy North Highland Avenue. Emily, our friend Morgan, and I decided it was high time we tried this place out and chose their “$5 dollars for a dozen” oyster Tuesday to check it out. The night started off with a 35-45 minute wait, but we were able to grab a drink at one the many nearby bars. The atmosphere of Fontaine’s is absolutely perfect. A dimly lit, busy bar area opens up to a huge outdoor porch overlooking some trees (picture below). None of us realized there was outdoor seating, so it was a great surprise when we were led back to our seats.

The food was absolutely delicious! We ordered and split a crab dip appetizer that had plenty to pass around, and then spent the rest of the night chowing down on oysters. The oysters are fantastic, we had at least 5-dozen! They are served on a huge platter by the dozen with crackers and a large cup of cocktail sauce and spicy horseradish that can be mixed to taste. Another reason to head to Fontaine’s is their great deals. A dozen oysters for 5 dollars is absurd, and we surely took advantage of it. I believe they have deals every night of the week, and these can all be found on their website.
Fontaine’s is located at 1026 1/2 North Highland Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA 30306.
I would 100% recommend this place, and I’m sure Emily and Morgan both agree. It’s a great way to spend an evening and the seafood is to die for! Cheers everyone and keep exploring Atlanta with this awesome blog!
– Harry

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