Restaurant: Marlow’s Tavern

Hello everyone! If you haven’t been to Marlow’s Tavern before then it should be the next restaurant you go to! Marlow’s Tavern is located at 950 West Peachtree St NW #215. I went for a friend’s birthday and loved it! There are high tables, booths, and a bar area as well. Loved the environment here and it’s a great place to bring friends or your parents. The food typically ranges from $11-20. Here are dishes I recommend trying!

Black and Blue Burger 

Gorgonzola, Apple-Wood-Smoked Bacon


“House-Made” Black Bean Veggie Burger
All-Natural, Seasoned Perfectly, Pickled Carrots and Cucumbers and Pan-Seared on Whole Wheat Bun
Three of my friends ordered this when we went to eat and they all really liked it! For some of them, this was their second or third time getting this burger!

Grilled Chicken Panini

Grilled Prestige Farms Chicken, Melting Provolone, Arugula, Fried Green Tomato, Basil Aioli and Crisp Cuban Bread, Pressed & Stacked

Truffled Parmesan Fries
(Appetizer) Hand Cut Tavern Fries, Truffle Oil and Fresh Parmesan


Photo from
Love the environment and setting at this restaurant! Hope you check this place out!
– Emily

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