Duluth Dessert: SunO

Okay so many of you may be looking at this picture above and trying to decide if it looks good or weird.. well let me just tell you that it was delicious! This is a Dirt o’Oreo Cup from SunO Dessert which is a place where they make dessert from fluffy, milky, sweet shaved ice! The shaved ice they use has 90% less calories than ice cream! But I went with the unhealthy option of choosing a menu items with a ton of toppings and I honestly don’t regret it. The Dirt o’Oreo Cup is a Signature SunO cup and has Oreo cookies, crushed nuts, gummy worms, chocolate syrup, condensed milk, and I added mochi (tastes like marshmallows). The Signature SunO Cups only come in a large size I believe and they are HUGE. The pic above shows the cup being basically the same size of my car console. The non-signature cups and other items can come in a smaller size though.

In addition to the SunO shaved ice cups, SunO makes a variety of treats including dessert crepes, bubble teas, slushies, and hot drinks. I believe all of their items on the menu are under $9. You can see a pic of some of their desserts on the door below.

SunO is located in both Duluth and near Emory.
I Highly recommend this place if you want a change up from your usual desserts!
– Emily

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