EMILY’S CHOICE: Westside Restaurant: YEAH! Burger

Hello everyone! I’m reviewing one of my favorite burger places today for you! It’s YEAH! Burger which is located in West Midtown and Virginia Highlands. They focus on using “real” ingredients and organic produce in their dishes. I love coming here for a casual lunch with friends because they have outdoor seating and great food. Their menu is a little different and you actually get to build your burgers. Here is what I’ve see/ tried from their menu:

Turkey Burger> $6.49: My friend and I both got this the last time we were at the restaurant. I love it so much it is usually my go-to. (FYI, it’s worth skipping out on the YEAH! sauce- last time I added it but couldn’t taste it.)

Onion Rings > $2.99: Crispy and delicious!

Sweet Potato Fries (shown below)- $2.99: I get this every time I get a burger. They are delicious and you get so many fries in a basket. I always leave super full. (I’ve tried the regular fries and those are great too!)

Classic Cobb Salad (shown below)- $11.99: You might be thinking “wow that’s pretty expensive for a salad” but this salad is so big! I was so full after finishing it (I almost had to take my fries home). The salad is made up of “Organic lettuces, organic grape tomatoes, avocado, nitrate-free bacon, grilled chicken, hardboiled local cage-free egg and organic blue cheese crumbles with our housemade Buttermilk Ranch dressing”. Sounds just as good as it tastes!

Hope you enjoyed this review! Definitely go to YEAH! Burger next time you have a chance! I love it so much!
– Emily


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