German Restaurant: Der Biergarten

Hello everyone! If you like German food then you should definitely try out Der Biergarten located at 300 Marietta St NW. I would always see this place every time I would leave events at Centennial Park so I was really happy I got to finally try it out with my friend Alex! Here are the two dishes we tried and my thoughts on the place:

Above: Jägerschnitzel– $21: A dish with “lightly breaded pork served with hunters sauce of mushroom, bacon and onion with spätzle”. (Spätzle is a kind of egg noodle.) This dish was really good! The schnitzel’s batter had a great crunchy texture to it and the sauce was flavorful too!
Below: Sauerbraten– $16: A dish with “braised rump roast of beef, marinated in red wine, vinegar and spices with a tangy ginger snap sauce and french fries”. This dish was great as well!

To go with our meals, we each ordered a 0.5 L glass of beer ($6) and these were quite large.
I got the Spaten Marzen: “The only Oktoberfest beer brewed year round. Amber in color, aromatic, savory and malty.” I really liked this beer and it went well with my meal!
Alex got the Konig Ludwig Hefeweizen: “A royal Bavarian hefeweizen [with a] perfect balance of banana and clove.” Hefeweizen is a wheat beer and the hint of banana in this beer was subtle but really good!


One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Der Biergarten besides the food is that they have the cutest patio with string lights and a lot of seating. Unfortunately when we went, it was too cold to sit outside but the indoors was really cute as well (meant to post about this place months ago-whoops lol). The inside had lights everywhere with a little train that went around the restaurant and I loved it!

Hopefully at this point, I convinced you that if you like German food and beer, then you should definitely try out Der Biergarten! It is a little on the pricey side but was worth it to me. It’d be a great place to eat with your parents, go on a date, or just catch up with friends!

Have a great weekend!


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