Restaurant: The Nook

One restaurant I had heard so many great things about was “The Nook”. I got lunch there with my friends and everyone was right about the place. The food was great and I loved sitting on the outdoor patio. The staff was really nice too and let us change seats three times because the sun was really strong in some spots. Lol I definitely see myself going back here for brunch or for lunch on a weekend! Here are the dishes we tried:

Redneck Totchos– $9- “Tots smothered with mesquite smoked pork, signature Coca-Cola® barbecue sauce, jalapeño and cheese sauce.” My friend Katie really like this dish! One of the things The Nook is known for are their “Totchos” dishes featuring tater tots and a variety of ingredients so try one the next time you’re there!

Nook Wrap– $12- “Blackened chicken, spinach, tomato, and goat cheese, with homemade creamy basil dressing.” My friend Mariana thought this wrap was delicious! Sweet potato fries ($3) with this wrap was a great combination!
Piedmont Pork– $11- “The Nook’s house mesquite smoked pork, signature Coca-Cola® barbecue sauce, topped with fresh apple and blue cheese slaw and served on a jalapeño cheddar kaiser roll.” I ordered this dish and loved it! Great texture on the bun from the cheese which was also surprisingly sweet. As my side, I got a summer salad ($3) and it was a refreshing addition to the sandwich.

Black Bean Burger– $12- “[The] delicious homemade veggie burger made with black beans, peppers, onion and cilantro, topped with a chipotle mayo and lettuce, tomato and onion.” My friend Eric got this burger and thought it was only average but still liked it!

I have been told that The Nook has great strong fish bowls ($30) if you’re looking for a place to share a drink with friends!

The only negative thing I have to say about this place is that parking is pretty limited. There is a small lot on the side of the restaurant so as you’re driving to The Nook I recommend looking for street parking. Otherwise there are parking decks (for a charge) near the restaurant you can park at. Or the other option is to go to the restaurant during the early afternoon of a weekday like we did because parking then is a breeze.

I definitely recommend going to The Nook for its food and setting! I absolutely will be back here!
– Emily

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