Restaurant: Cameli’s Pizza

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to review Cameli’s Pizza which is located at 337 Moreland Ave NE (there is another one on Ponce De Leon Ave). My friend, Morgan, told me about this place because someone told her it was the best pizza in Atlanta. We decided to try it out with two of our friends, Ryan and Donovan, and here is what we tried:

Joey Woolum Pizza– $20.75- “Sun dried tomato sauce, broccoli,roasted potatoes, gorgonzola, and jalapeño.” We got a large (which was 16 inches) and it was super filling- we even had two slices each for leftovers. We thought the pizza was pretty good overall but I personally thought that the crust was dry. I also wish that the sun dried tomato sauce would’ve stood out more because I couldn’t really taste it.

Pepperoni Slice– $4.25- This slice was huge! It was basically twice the size of Donovan’s hand. She thought it was really good and enjoyed it!

Calzoni– $8.25- “With a Cameli twist, this stuffed delight is easy to handle. It comes with mozzarella, pesto-ricotta cheese, and two toppings of your choice.” Our friend Ryan ordered this and thought it was really good even though he said it was a little smaller than he expected. He really enjoyed the marinara sauce that came in the calzone as well.

I really liked how lit up this restaurant was from the wall of windows! There were plenty of seats at the tables and booths as well. On the second floor, there is also a covered patio that you can sit at!

Overall, I thought this pizza place was just average to me and I don’t think I’ll be going back. I recommend you try Little Five Points Pizza if you’re in the area or make the drive to my favorite pizza place Vinny’s New York Pizza!
– Emily

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