Permanently CLOSED: Revelator Coffee Company

Hello everyone! If you live in or go to West Midtown a lot, then you are in luck! Revelator Coffee Company just opened a brand new coffee shop on August 25th at 691 14th St Ste A. My friends Isabella, Mariana, and I decided to try it out and first off noticed how much we loved their rustic interior. This coffee shop is much more modern than other ones in Atlanta. There were also plenty of couches and tables to chat or get work done. Here’s a quick video of one of my trips to Revelator!
The menu is much more simple than at other coffee shops. Mariana and I ended up ordering 10 oz iced coffees and Isabella got a 6oz espresso with milk. We all for the most part like our coffee to be somewhat sweet so luckily Revelator had a milk and simple sugar station.
 Also, anyone who makes their customers latte art gets a gold star from me. Look how pretty this heart is in Isabella’s espresso?
Anywho, I hope you all decide to check out Revelator Coffee Company the next time you’re in the mood for coffee! I am definitely going to go back here to catch up with friends or read some blogs.
What’s your favorite thing to order here?
– Emily

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