EMILY’S CHOICE: Oy! Restaurant

Hello everyone! I’m really excited to tell you about a brand new restaurant by Cumberland Parkway called Oy!
“The team at Oy!, led by Jaffe, his wife Allie, and his Le Cordon-Bleu trained, Food Network Featured, Executive Chefs Tony A. Sharpe and Chris Johnson, are serving up Overindulgent Yumminess 7 days a week in the form of oversized, “super- shareable” breakfast, brunch and lunch.” The menu and recipes are inspired in large part by Jaffe’s catering and party planning mother, “Mama Sherry” Habif, who has shared a few of her famous recipes with the chefs at Oy!.”
I don’t know about your but when I heard the world “overindulgent” I immediately get excited and this restaurant was basically the definition of overindulgent. I brought my friend Isabella with me to try out the dishes here but I should’ve brought 3 guys with me because we hardly made a dent! Lol The portion sizes were huge and the quality of food was very high as well. Here are all the dishes we tried:


Juicy Lucy Certified Angus Steak Burger
($10.57) An angus steak patty filled with cheddar cheese and topped with bacon, pickles, onion, tomatoes, and lettuce
Wow guys.. what a great burger! You could definitely taste the steak in it. I loved that it was stuffed with cheddar cheese too because I’m a huge fan of cheddar. Isabella and I thought the bacon was perfectly crunchy as well!


Extreme 12 Inch Buttermilk Pancake: 1/2 Wild Blueberry, 1/2 Triple Chocolate Chunk
($9.97) Served with warm maple syrup & melted butter.
You guys.. I’ve never seen a pancake this big. Even with a diameter this wide, the pancake was still cooked perfectly even. I don’t usually put butter on my pancake so I only used the maple syrup. When Isabella poured the maple syrup, the chocolate chunks started melting and just made a delicious topping for the pancake. I loved that the maple syrup also contrasted with the tartness of the blueberries which made for the perfect bite on the other half. Miriam Habif, the manager, said the blueberry pancake is her favorite dish.

We had so much of this pancake left over at the end of lunch that Miriam, brought us a pizza box.. yes you read that right, a pizza box! At night, I shared this pancake with my friends but first showed them the box. When they realized it was a pancake inside they were mind blown. Lol Then we discussed for a long time on what methods they could possibly use for flipping this giant thing.

Philly Cheesesteak Giant 6 Omelette
($12.94) Certified ground Angus steak, sauteed onions, sauteed bell peppers & queso cheese dip
6 eggs.. This omelette is made from 6 eggs! This thing was so big and in my opinion would be tough to finish in one sitting. I liked that you could taste the steak and onions in it but the cheese was a little overpowering for me! Isabella said she thought this tasted just like a philly cheese steak though!


Mountain of Fries- Loco Fries

($10.49) Salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, sour cream and queso cheese dip.

I am a huge sucker for fries so I loved this dish. It was topped with the same toppings as nachos and had a lot of flavor! Isabella’s favorite part was the guacamole.

Decadent Challah French Toast Casserole

($10.98) Warm challah French toast smothered and covered casserole style with warm maple syrup and butter caramel sauce.

Oh my gosh this was so decadent. The top of this french toast was crunchy but then the middle part reminded my friend and I of bread budding. The mix of powder sugar, syrup, and caramel sauce (my favorite part) was such a treat. This was Isabella’s favorite dish we tried at Oy!

Scrumptious Challah and Egg Souffle
($10.98) Ooey gooey, cheesy and melted cheddar and Swiss baked with eggs and challah into a casserole of comfort food goodness.
This was my favorite dish that I tried at Oy! It was so wonderfully cheesy and the bread was so flaky on the edge. I also realized that the challah on the bottom layer was stuffed with cheese.. amazing. I would definitely get this again.

I definitely liked how big and clean Oy! was. This is a type of restaurant where you order at the counter, then grab utensils, drinks, and napkins yourself. When the food is ready, someone from the kitchen will bring it out to your table.
Oy! Restaurant is located at 2355 Cumberland Parkway #80, Atlanta, GA 30339. I had such a great time dining at Oy! It is a family restaurant and the staff was super friendly. The owners Allie and Adam Jaffe came out and told us their inspiration for the restaurant and the executive chefs Chris Johnson and Tony Sharpe talked to us about the ingredients in the dishes.

I definitely recommend you guys check out this restaurant! You will definitely be satisfied and most likely have leftovers too!
– Emily
Thank you to the staff at Oy! for hosting me for this meal! All opinions are my own.

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