Highlands Dessert: Queen of Cream Ice Cream + Coffee

Who here loves ice cream? Hopefully everyone! Well I am excited to tell you today about a brand new ice cream shop in the highlands called “Queen of Cream”! This shop sells both ice cream and coffee- why hasn’t someone thought of that before? That combo makes this the perfect place to get dessert after a date or catch up with friends! I brought my friend Mariana with me to see how we liked the place and we had a great time!

We ordered two iced lattes, a scoop of “Banana Puddin'” ice cream, and a scoop of “Butterscotch Brownie”. The coffee went really well the ice cream and is actually made by Revelator Coffee (see my full review of them here). The Butterscotch Brownie definitely tasted like butterscotch and was great but if I could make one change to it, I would add more brownie bits. The favorite for Mariana and I was the Banana Puddin’ flavor. It tasted exactly like banana pudding and was amazing. We are definitely going back for the guava cheesecake flavor because they had run out when we got there. If you prefer a cone over a bowl to get your ice cream in, Queen of Cream has that option as well!

The ice cream at Queen of Cream is made from scratch. Mariana and I both noticed that this ice cream felt lighter than other ice cream brands (I didn’t feel like I needed to run 30 miles after eating this treat)!

The picture below is how they made the lattes!

When Mariana and I first walked up to the ice cream shop, we were gushing about how cute this place was. The colors are bright and happy and out front they have an ice cream cart that was adorable. They are planning to take this to events in the future so I’m sure you’ll see them around Atlanta! When we walked in, there were plenty of tables to sit at. To the right of the parlor, was this coffee stand which had simple sugar and other things to add to your coffee!

When we were trying our treats, two girls walked in with adorable little kittens and I wanted to share the pic below.

All in all, I highly recommend you check out this place! It is super cute and the perfect place to get BOTH ice cream and coffee! Cora Cotrim, the owner, was also super nice as well and answered all our questions about the place!

Queen of Cream is located at 701 Highland Ave NE. Make sure you go!
– Emily

Thank you to Queen of Cream for hosting us for this treat. All opinions are my own.

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