REVIEW: Paint Nite Atlanta!

Hello everyone! If you are looking for a bonding activity or something fun to do with your friends, go to a Paint Nite event! My friends and I laughed so much and created paintings that we were able to take home at the end of the night! Paint Nite puts on sessions where a teacher teaches you the methods to create a specific painting. The day we chose to go, the painting we were making was a picture of Paris. All of the materials and supplies were provided so all we had to do was paint. Each session costs $45 but you can get a 45% discount with my promo code: CREATIVE45. You can find all the upcoming events and locations here. Each session lasts a little over 90 minutes.

Paint Nite provided the perfect environment for my friends and I to paint, chat, and drink wine! We got jokingly competitive with each other and created team red and team white to see who could paint better [team white won 😉 ].

Our teacher, Louis, was wonderful & did a great job explaining everything while still being fun & energetic at the same time!
The picture was not easy to create but here was my finished result! I was struggling with the Eiffel Tower but Louis really helped me out so I was happy with my end result! It’s actually currently hanging up in my room.

Thank you so much to Paint Nite Atlanta and Obviously Social for hosting me and my friends Morgan, Mariana, and Isabella for this fun night! I highly recommend you go next time you are looking for a casual event to go to with friends or a break from school work!
– Emily


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