Alpharetta Restaurant: Inchin’s Bamboo Garden + GIVEAWAY

I’m so excited to tell you guys about Inchin’s Bamboo Garden today, an awesome restaurant in Alpharetta selling Pan-Asian cuisine! Inchin’s Bamboo Garden is really unique in that they serve Indianized Chinese food on their menu and are expanding globally. Their head chef is from an esteemed hotel in India and I could definitely tell from the creativity and quality in the dishes! My friend, Harry, and I went to the restaurant on a Tuesday night and ended up trying a variety of dishes. Check it out below and make sure to read the bottom of the post to find out how to get a free drink and how to enter my giveaway!

We ended up asking our servers for suggestions for appetizers and noticed right away that the staff was incredibly friendly. We ended up getting the Chicken 65 (pictured above) which included chicken cooked in curry leaves, bell peppers, onions, dry red chili, and other spices. This was amazing- crunchy, flavorful, and the perfect amount of spicy. Our second appetizer was the Chinese Bhel (crispy noodle, onion, cucumber, and tomato) and it was incredibly refreshing. I’ve had bhel before but I’ve never had it cooked in a dish like this. The vegetables and sauce with the bhel made for a dish that I wish I could eat everyday.

For drinks, Harry ordered the Passion Fruit Mojito and I got the Lychee Martini. The passion fruit mojito was awesome and really refreshing with the perfect mix of lime and mint. I highly recommend it! The lychee martini tasted just like lychee and was really unique!
For entrees, we ordered the Chicken Manchurian dish and it included diced chicken, onion, cilantro, celery,  chili, and ginger. This was loaded with flavor and we said we would definitely order it again! We also got the Hot Garlic Shrimp dish and I loved that the shrimp was slightly crunchy. The sauce definitely had a strong garlic taste and it was great over rice.
What better way to end a great night then with dessert? We first tried the Chocolate Spring Rolls with Vanilla Dip and wow was this a great treat. The inside of the spring rolls reminded me of a lava fudge cake and the vanilla dip complimented them really well.

Our second dessert was the IBG chocolate sundae brownie made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, and cream. My favorite part of this treat was the brownie bites. Definitely a great way to end our meal.

Something that is really unique about Inchin’s Bamboo Garden is that they actually sell their own line of sauces and noodles that you can buy at the restaurant and take home with you so that you can recreate some of the dishes! They will have teas and juices coming out soon too.

I personally loved the way this restaurant looked. It is very large and the wall colors and dim lighting gave a nice fine dining vibe. Megha Agrawal, Inchin’s Bamboo Garden’s social media director, mentioned to me that all of the decorations in the restaurant are not from the US and are actually all directly from China.

Alrighty, so Inchin’s Bamboo Garden has been generous enough to give my readers a free drink at the restaurant if you go before November 15th! All you have to do is mention my blog post when you dine in.
They have also allowed me to give away a $50 gift card to the restaurant! Figure out the rules to enter on my instagram page here!

Thank you so much to Inchin’s Bamboo Garden and Megha Agrawal for hosting my friend and I! I definitely recommend you try out this restaurant!
– Emily


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