Restaurant: Antico Pizza

I don’t know why, but it took me 4 years to go Antico’s located at 1093 Hemphill Ave NW (right next to Georgia Tech’s campus). Antico’s has won numerous awards including Festa Della Pizza’s Top in Class Pizzeria and I can definitely see why! The pizza here is so delicious and is made the way authentic Italian pizza is made!

My friends and I went on a week night and ordered the Lasagna Pizza ($20) which had meatballs, ricotta, and romano as toppings (shown below). The meatballs were really flavorful and their texture went perfectly with the texture of the ricotta cheese. The crust is purposely burnt a little but is so soft and doughy. I would easily order this pizza again. My friend Harry also recommended the San Gennaro and Bianca pizza! (See the full menu here.)

When you dine at Antico’s they have a variety of toppings you can bring to your table such as crushed red pepper flakes, garlic, parmesan cheese, etc. I personally loved adding garlic to my pizza!

While you are waiting for the server to bring you your pizza, you can watch the chefs create your pizza from scratch!
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Dining at Antico’s is definitely a unique experience. There is even Italian music playing in the background while you eat! The restaurant is one of the few bring your own booze restaurants I have been to where you can drink wine or beer you brought while you eat! If you sit in the back room, you will be basically be sitting in the kitchen on benches with strangers but that’s all part of the experience! I would personally suggest that you go to Antico’s with one or two people and not a big party due to the seating arrangement. I also would recommend not going to the restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night because it can be really crowded on those days.

Also, wanted to throw out there that last time I was at Antico’s, my friends and I saw Usher there! He was ordering food so we didn’t want to bother him and ask him for a picture- but now I wish I had!

I highly recommend Antico’s so I hope you decide to try it out!
– Emily


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