Bar: Skylounge

Hello everyone! I have a bar to recommend to you all today that is perfect for if you have friends visiting the city or just want to have a great view! This bar is called Skylounge and is located at 110 Marietta St, Atlanta, GA 30303. It was voted Top 23 rooftop bars in the world by ABC in 2013! (Keep in mind there is a $5 cover to go to the top!) If you decide to go here, it’s good to know that this is more of a classier bar so typically people are dressed up.

My friends Isabella and Mariana and I went to Skylounge with some friends on a Friday night and it was a perfect way to end an evening. There was a lot of space at this bar so it wasn’t a shoulder to shoulder kind of place which is always nice! There is also both indoor and outdoor seating here. We ordered whiskey sours and I believe they cost $9 each! It was fairly strong but enjoyable nonetheless!
In my opinion, this isn’t a bar I would go to frequently; however, if I had people coming in town to visit or explore the city, I would definitely consider bringing them here! It gives a great overlook of the city and is a bar with a classy atmosphere.
Check this place out if you’re looking for a rooftop view of Atlanta!
– Emily

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