EMILY’S CHOICE: Bon Glaze Doughnuts

If you love donuts and bacon, then get ready to freak out. An amazing donut shop called Bon Glaze just opened in Brookhaven! I have honestly never seen a larger variety of donuts and treats then in this place! Bon Glaze serves not only donuts but also bacon, breakfast sandwiches, waffles, bon bons, and coffee. I took my friend Hannah to try out this place with me and as you can guess from the picture above, we were in a major food coma by the time we left here. The owners of Bon Glaze have been generous enough to offer you, my readers, one free donut with your purchase when you visit before January 31st by 7pm. All you have to do is mention my blog “Atlanta For The Young” at the counter!

Top row: Strawberries and Crème, Chocolate Curl, Strawberry with Strawberry Chocolate Curls, Original Vanilla Bean Glazed, Blueberry Sour Cream
Middle Row: Nanner, Orange Fanta with Pastry Crème, Meyer Lemon, Chocolate Vanilla Bean Glazed, Nutella with Chocolate Mousse
Bottom Row: Bacon Butterscotch, Cotton Candy (minus the actual Cotton Candy) , Chocolate Vanilla Bean Glazed, Vanilla Bean Glazed, Apple Streusel

Let’s talk donuts. Bon Glaze offers 21 different gourmet donut flavors! They cost $2.50 each and $29.75 baker’s dozen. They were seriously all amazing but I’m going to highlight some of my top recommendations:

  • Blueberry Sour Cream: This is a cake donut and was amazinggg. The texture seems thicker than a regular donut but is still fluffy and falls apart in your mouth. The glaze also has just the right amount of sweetness!
  • Bacon Butterscotch: This was my personal favorite. The combination of the ingredients almost reminded me of the taste of maple syrup! The bacon counteracts the butterscotch perfectly. I loved this donut and how filling it was!
  • Nutella with Chocolate Mousse: This is a donut stuffed with nutella.. need I say more? This was Hannah’s favorite!
  • Orange Fanta with Pastry Crème: I brought this donut home to share with my friends and my friend Alyssa loved this one! She said it tasted like a Creamiscle pop!
  • Cotton Candy (pictured below): This is one of the most unique donuts I’ve ever had. It literally comes with cotton candy sitting on top of it. The owners of Bon Glaze told me the idea of this donut came from their 9-year old daughter! The donut tasted just like cotton candy from a fair and was the perfect amount of sweetness!
If I could only pick two, I would recommend getting the Blueberry Sour Cream and Bacon Butterscotch donuts! Luckily with this place though, you can’t really go wrong with any of the treats they have to offer!
Bon Glaze also offer a gluten-free donut as well as customizable bon bons! You can choose what type of sugar your bon bons are tossed in!

Another amazing thing that makes Bon Glaze unique is that they serve bacon! They offer four types: chocolate dipped, candied, Natural Wood Smoked, and Candied Cayenne! It is $5.75 for 5 slices of any of the types except the chocolate dipped bacon which costs $7.00 for 5 slices. If you like really crispy bacon like me, then you will love Bon Glaze’s bacon! I highly recommend ordering the natural wood smoked bacon while eating the donuts because it really balances out the sweetness of the donuts and is delicious. For me the chocolate dipped bacon was too sweet but my friend Hannah loved it! My favorite bacon on its own was the Candied Cayenne slice! It first tastes sweet but then the cayenne gives you a little bit of a kick! It isn’t something that’s painfully spicy so I think everyone could find it enjoyable!

Oh my gosh you guys, Hannah and I tried the breakfast sandwich which included a fried egg, bacon, and cheddar- it was phenomenal. The buns are an unglazed donut because the glaze is actually in the sandwich. Hannah and I both almost immediately finished our half of the sandwich that we split because it was that good. I will absolutely be coming back for this!

I love that Bon Glaze also offers Belgian Waffles since they can be hard to find! We tried the waffle with only powder sugar and I loved how warm and soft it was!

The owners mentioned to me that the coffee is a customized local brew made specifically for Bon Glaze. I loved the way this coffee tasted and would definitely recommend getting it black because it was a perfect balance to the sweetness of the donuts. For a full drink menu, click here.
My friend Hannah and I had such an amazing experience at Bon Glaze! The staff was so friendly here and the owners Kelly & Kenny Keith were incredibly helpful during our visit. I highly recommend you stop by and grab a treat from Bon Glaze! Don’t forget that if you go in by January 31st by 7pm, you get a free donut with your purchase when you mention my blog “Atlanta For The Young”!
– Emily

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  1. You should try Tap: A Gastropub for Brunch one weekend! They have a build your own mimosa deal too!! && if your looking for something really fresh with activities try out Slingshot Entertainment!!


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