EMILY’S CHOICE: Restaurant: Minero (PCM)


DSC09495The other day my friend Morgan and I were wondering around Ponce City Market and stumbled upon this restaurant called Minero and thank goodness we did! Minero serves “Imaginative, locally sourced Mexican fare & craft cocktails served in buzzy quarters with a patio.” They were playing Taylor Swift’s 1989 on the sound system so we knew we were going to like them before we even ordered food.

DSC09497We started out by ordering the Queso Fundido ($9) which is roasted poblano cheese and chorizo, served with handmade corn tortillas. This was absolutely amazing. We basically made little enchiladas with the corn tortillas and it was delicious. This appetizer comes with 6 corn tortillas so it was plenty to split amongst two people. I am personally a huge fan of corn tortillas and loved the flavor that these had.

DSC09500For our entree, Morgan and I each got two tacos. Now keep in mind that these are really small compared to tacos you’re probably used to like at restaurants like On The Border. These tacos are about 4 inches in diameter. However, Minero really stuffs these with ingredients so we were full after eating our tacos! We ordered the following tacos:

  • Al Pastor ($3.50)- made with marinated and grilled pork, pineapple, and avocado- I loved the contrast that the pineapple gave to the flavorful pork. Highly recommend this one. (These tacos are the bottom two in the picture above.)
  • Fried Catfish ($4)- made with cabbage, red onion, and pickled green tomato tartar. Morgan ordered this one and really enjoyed it! (This is pictured above on the top left of the plate.)
  • Green Chorizo ($4)- made with potatoes and grilled onions. This was the most unique chorizo I’ve had before. I really liked the seasoning that was on this taco and the potato definitely made it filling! (Top right of the plate in the pic above.)

DSC09501All in all, Morgan and I had a great experience at Minero! I will absolutely be returning back to this place because it was reasonably priced (especially for Ponce City Market), the food was delicious, and we were full when we left! Highly recommend this place!



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