Restaurant: Meehan’s

IMG_8290One restaurant that never disappoints in my book is Meehan’s in Atlantic Station. I love taking my friends here because the food is delicious and the restaurant has such a nice ambience to it! When I go here, I typically don’t have to wait for a table; however, last time I went was on a Saturday night so there was about a 20 minute wait. Luckily the hostess actually texted my friend and I when our table was ready so we were able to explore the area a little bit! Meehan’s is an “authentic Irish eatery that offers a full menu of classic Irish dishes elevated to the gourmet level”. Keep on reading to see what dishes my friend and I tried!


Mason Dixie Burger– $13- Bear creek dry aged ground beef, pimento cheese, applewood bacon, fried dill pickles, butter lettuce, tomato, brioche bun
Omg you guys, this burger is amazing!! The fried pickles is such a unique concept for a burger and the pimento cheese and bacon were delicious additions to this burger! Would absolutely get this burger again! The sweet potato fries to me were good as a side but they weren’t amazing. They could’ve used a bit more flavor.
Smokehouse Burger– $12- Bear creek dry aged ground beef, ancho BBQ, applewood bacon, butter lettuce, tomato, cheddar, brioche bun.
My friend loved this burger and was super full after finishing it! He ordered regular french fries with it and to me, it tasted like the fries could’ve used some more seasoning.
Meehan’s has a great beer selection and is the perfect place to catch up with friends or to watch a sports game! Overall, I definitely recommend this restaurant and plan to keep going back to it!

IMG_2142.JPGIt’s a bit hard to see in this picture, but Meehan’s is very spacious and also has some booths (in the middle of the picture) in the restaurant that are pretty private and awesome!


What’s your favorite item to get at Meehan’s?



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