Restaurant: The Melting Pot

For dinner, my parents and I went to a restaurant called ‘The Melting Pot’. I had only heard of this restaurant from my friends and they told me how amazing this place was so I was so excited when my dad told me he wanted to go here for dinner. We started off the night by splitting off a bottle of Conundrum wine which was a sweeter pinot grigio!

We decided to do their four course option for our meal ($35-47)! We started the night with a fiesta cheese fondue appetizer! I could not stop eating this with the tortilla chips and bread that came with it!


The main course was unique in that we picked our “entree” but then the waiter brought out a bowl of broth and we cooked our entrees ourself. I’m not always up for doing this but it was definitely a nice way to have a drawn out, relaxing dinner! The meats and broth were loaded with flavor so I loved that! You can choose other styles to cook your entree in as well.


We were almost too full for dessert but I could not pass up chocolate fondue. We ordered the Yin & Yang one which was dark and white chocolate- yum! It was the perfect mix of sweetness along with the desserts and fruits we dipped into it! This was the perfect meal!


This is a great restaurant for a having a relaxed, long dinner to catch up with friends and family! It would also be a great place to celebrate a birthday or other big days! It definitely is pricey but you get a lot of food and will definitely leave full!

The Melting Pot is located at 754 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308!


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