Hair Salon: Paul Mitchell School Atlanta

Hello everyone! I wanted to a quick post about getting my hair styled at the Paul Mitchell School in Atlanta this week! I was tired of my boring black hair and got a caramel ombre done! I’m super in love with it and missed having color in my hair! Holland, a phase II student, was my stylist and she was so talented and did a great job changing my hair! I got an ombre, cut, and color balance all done and my hair still feels healthy and looks shiny! All this typically cost over $120 in midtown but it was only $60 for me here because I had a groupon so be sure to be on the lookout for more deals! I was nervous to get my hair cut at a hair school but I can’t argue with the results! I definitely recommend going to the Paul Mitchell school if you’re looking for an affordable cut and color!


❤ Emily


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