Restaurant: Eats

Hey everyone! My friend who used to live off of Ponce de Leon recommended that we try Eats! “Eats offers affordable healthy fast food with delicious homestyle staples including jerk and BBQ chicken, fettucini alfredo and fresh vegetarian vegetables.” In my mind I classify this restaurant as a pretty southern one. See what dishes my friends and I tried below!


Meat + Rice & Black Beans- $6.75

Jerk Chicken + Rice+ Black Beans– My roommate thought the chicken was too spicy for his liking but he said you can’t go wrong with the rice and beans. Corn bread was a bit on the dry side though.

Meat & Two Plate- $7.75 
Turkey Meatloaf+ Green Beans+ Mashed Potatoes- I enjoyed this meatloaf and would get it again! This combo was pretty tasty but the green beans were somewhat average and could’ve been better in my opinion.
BBQ Chicken+Mac & Cheese + Broccoli– My friend liked the barbecue chicken and he let me try his Mac & Cheese. I thought it tasted great and liked that it was made with white cheddar!
My best friend got the sweet tea with her dish and she mentioned that it wasn’t that great. She also said that the ranch for her salad also seemed water down in a way. Wish we had better things to say about those items!

This restaurant is wider than it looks and is fully decorated on the inside-they have license plates from every state lining some of the walls! This restaurant is definitely very casual and has plastic chairs. It is also one where you pick up your food from the counter and get your utensils yourself. If you don’t want to eat inside, then you can also get your food to go!

Eats is located at 600 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308. The parking here was a bit sketchy and too tight for my liking. Overall, I don’t think I will be returning to this restaurant. Let me know what you think of Eats if you’ve been here before!


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