Chattahoochee Coffee Company-Westside

DSC09508If you know me then you know that I practically live at coffee shops. It’s a way more pleasant setting to study or get work done in rather than going to study in school buildings. I recently discovered the Chattahoochee Coffee Company on the west side and really love coming here! The inside of the place reminds me a little bit of a cabin and there are plenty of places to sit! See what items from the menu I tried out!DSC09504

Caramel Latte– I loved this latte and the warm caramel taste to it. This latte was fairly large and only cost a little over $4. The barista also brought it out to me which I thought was really nice since drinks are typically picked up from the counter!DSC09502.jpg

Chai Tea Latte– I enjoyed drinking this latte but think it could have been slightly sweeter. The latte was topped off with steamed milk and cinnamon thought which I think went really well with the chai tea taste! I believe this chai tea was $4-5. IMG_8364IMG_8362

Definitely recommend checking this place out! Maybe you’ll run into me here at some point. 😛 Chattahoochee Coffee Company is located at 790 Huff Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. They also have another location by the Chattahoochee River that I haven’t been to yet but I’ve heard it’s lovely!


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