Restaurant: il Giallo Osteria & Bar

DSC00151If you love Italian food then you’re going to love il Giallo! It is located in Sandy Springs and serves fresh made pasta and authentic coastal Italian dishes! The name means “yellow” in Italian and represents the Italian sunset.  The restaurant was opened by Leonardo Moura and Chef Jamie Adams who previously worked at Veni Vidi Vici which recently closed.

The inside of this restaurant has a fine-dining feel and is fairly large. This would be the perfect place to grab lunch with your parents, friends, or co-workers! See what dishes my friend and I tried when we went to il Giallo!Dining Room.jpg

Foccacia Bread– This bread is included with the meal and is so delicious! The chef that makes the bread is the same chef that makes the pastries! The wheat for this bread is actually imported from Italy and you can tell that the bread is made with quality ingredients. It took me back to the time I was eating foccacia bread in Cinque Terre.DSC00156.jpg

Giallo Asse- $16- I absolutely loved this meat and cheese plate! It included salumi, prosciutto, fig jam, cheese, asiago cheese, and a variety of olives. Everything had so much flavor and we got extra Foccacia bread to go with it all! I will absolutely be getting this appetizer the next time I go back!DSC00163DSC00162

Gnocchi- $13– My friend ordered this dish and she thought it was great! To both of us, it tasted almost like a mac and cheese dish! It was made with potato gnocchi, gorgonzola, and speck.DSC00168

Pappardelle- $14- I ordered this dish and loved every ingredient in it. It was made with fluted edge noodles, georgia shrimp, and mixed wild mushrooms. I think this dish reminded me more of a dinner dish; however, the flavors were amazing!DSC00171The pasta is made fresh in the open kitchen and you can actually watch the chefs make it while you eat! You can tell that this pasta is way more fresh then frozen pasta like at other restaurants.DSC00164

Budino di pane-$8- This dessert is composed of  croissant bread pudding, chocolate and salted caramel sauce, and vanilla gelato. My friend really enjoyed it and thought it paired well with the espresso she ordered!DSC00174

Gelato and Sorbetto-$7- This gelato & sorbetto is made in house & served with a biscotti. It comes in a variety of flavors but I tried the pistachio gelato & blood orange sorbetto. The pistachio gelato & biscotti were average to me but I couldn’t get over how good the blood orange sorbetto was. I was pleasantly surprised by how strong the flavor was (since I usually think of blood orange as being bland) & finished the whole scoop!DSC00175DSC00177

I’m excited that this restaurant is near where I’m working this summer because I will definitely be going back here! You can’t beat the quality food, price, and ambience. il Giallo is located at 5920 Roswell Road, Suite B-118 in Sandy Springs. Definitely recommend you get lunch here one afternoon!

Thank you to il Giallo and The Rosen Group Atlanta for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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