Restaurant: Park Tavern (+Drink Deal)

Hey everyone! If you know me, then you know that I love Piedmont Park! If you ever want to grab lunch in the park then I definitely recommend going to Park Tavern! This place is so lovely that often times there are events here or even weddings! See what dishes I tried out and why I love this restaurant!

Rainbow Roll– $12.99- King crab, cucumber and avocado on the inside with salmon, tuna & yellowtail on the outside– I love that this sushi comes with three types of fish! It was really great & I would get this again! I ordered it with sweet potato fries (yes I know- what a weird combo) but I loved that I could get both in the same restaurant! Lol

img_1469.jpgBuffalo Wings (kicked-up)- $8.99-These wings are served with celery and blue cheese for dipping. I personally love spicy foods so I got mine “kicked-up”. Would definitely recommend!

img_1471.jpgDrink deal:
Park Tavern offers a deal that says “When it Rains, We Pour $1 Drafts!” Keep this in mind next time it starts raining in Atlanta! There are apparently exceptions to this deal but it helps to be aware of them through their facebook and twitter page.




I love that Park Tavern has both indoor and outdoor seating! You simply can’t beat the view from this restaurant!57958010152708071620427886621881n-750xx960-540-0-49IMG_98231.jpgHope you decide to try out Park Tavern! It is amazing to dine here on a warm, sunny day!

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