Restaurant: Figo Pasta

Hey everyone! I recently went to FIGO Pasta twice with some friends in the last month. Figo is an Italian pasta restaurant that prepares fresh pasta daily. They have 6 locations in Atlanta and I went to the one located off of Marietta St. This used to be an order at the counter restaurant but this location recently changed to one where you are served by a waiter. There is a make your own pasta option (see the options here) as well specialty dishes on the menu. Be sure to read the end of the post as well to get my full feel for this restaurant. Here are the dishes my friends and I tried:

DSC09837Whole Wheat Ricotta Ravioli ($5.35) and Broccoli e Gamberi Sauce ($4.60)– This sauce was made with “broccoli, sun dried tomatoes and sauteed shrimp with minced garlic, red pepper flakes and white wine”. My friend Morgan got this and considered it one of the healthier dishes on the menu!

DSC09836Gnocchi di Patate ($4.35) in Funghi Sauce ($4.60)- This is my friend Gloria’s go-to dish at Figo. The second time we went back to Figo, Morgan and I ordered this. I definitely recommend adding chicken to it to bring some texture to the dish because gnocchi is too much of the same texture for me. The gnocchi is definitely filling though and the sauce was amazing. I am a huge fan of mushrooms and the mushroom and cream flavor really shine through in this sauce.

DSC09834Braised Short Rib Ravioli ($5.35) with Ragu’ alla Bolognese Sauce ($4.60)- The bolognese sauce is made with “beef, onions, celery, tomatoes, and red wine”. My friend Tess ordered this and she said that the meat tasted fresh and like it was from a grill. She liked the dish but didn’t love it.

DSC09835Curry Chicken and Pesto Pasta– I ordered this the first time I went to Figo and really enjoyed it. There was great flavor and the pesto and curry taste really came through. You can’t find this one on the menu since it was a specialty dish- however, if you ask the waiter about it or show them the picture I bet they could make it!

My friends ordered the house wine to go with their dinners and liked it as well!

Service– The first time I dined at Figo, we ran into a scenario where the waiter messed up our checks three times. It was a very long ordeal to get sorted out and both the waiter and manager really didn’t own up to the error. It stressed out my friends and I and caused us to sit in the restaurant for an extra 15 minutes while we waited for everything to get sorted out. The experience left a bad taste in my mouth and for that reason I don’t think I’ll go back to Figo unless I have friends who want to go one evening. If you’re a pasta person, I think you’ll like this restaurant though!




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