EMILY’S CHOICE: Cafe Intermezzo

DSC00254One place that I had been wanting to go for a long time is Cafe Intermezzo. Originally I said I wanted my first time at the cafe to be on a date but then I said screw it & went with my bff Morgan for lunch. We had an awesome time catching up & trying delicious foods! I had been recommended by friends that I had to try the cheesecakes & coffee and they were definitely right.

Update: Hey everyone! I wanted to update this post since I’ve been to Cafe Intermezzo a few more times since I started this blog post. Just wanted to throw in a note that the lunch is yummy at cafe intermezzo but they are mainly known for desserts and coffee so I’d recommend mainly going for that! I went for dinner once and didn’t like it so just wanted to throw in this FYI. Anyways, here’s what I tried on my first visit below:

Caffe Mocha– This coffee was so delicious. It came served with whipped cream and mini chocolate chips! I was surprised to see some people working on their laptops at the cafe while enjoying a coffee.. so I will definitely be back to do that!DSC00252

Chicken Florentine Crepes– $12.25- Made with chicken, onions, spinach, mushrooms, herb cream sauce, and hollandaise sauce. You can choose whether your crepe is white, sundried tomato, or spinach based (in my opinion, the batter wouldn’t make too much of a difference). This was delicious and so filling!DSC00255


Cheesecake– When you walk in to Intermezzo, you’ll see an entire case of cakes and cheesecakes- a must try! I asked the hostess what the most popular slice of cheesecake was and she said it was the oreo one! My friends have tried this in the past and absolutely loved it! I decided to go with a slice of the amaretto cheesecake and thought it was great! I especially love the textures of these cheesecakes- so rich! Next time, I’ll definitely try the oreo one!

Update: I tried the oreo one and it was SO good! The Cappuccino Cheesecake and the Pumpkin Spice (seasonal) one is also amazing!789356c112da00037988ed941d56346a.jpg

Photo from http://www.photochefs.com

I fell in love with the inside of the cafe- such warm colors that really reminded me of a classic European restaurant. Even the bathrooms were insanely nice with copper ceilings- Morgan and I were thoroughly impressed. Lol Cafe Intermezzo also gives a two hour parking voucher if you park in the Loews Hotel parking garage so you don’t have a reason not to go! This restaurant is open virtually all day (except between 2am-7:30am) so you can go for any meal or to grab a dessert! Highly recommend coming here and I will definitely be back! It would be the perfect spot for a date or to catch up with your friends or parents!

Thanks so Morgan for helping me knock one of the top places off my Atlanta bucket list!
❤ Emily


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