Condesa Coffee

IMG_0711Finals have finally arrived. Luckily for me this is last time I ever have to take finals because I graduate Saturday! 🙂 Since I’ve had to study a lot lately, I’ve been trying to change up the coffee shops I go. Last Wednesday, I really wanted to find a place that was mainly white and had a lot of light coming in. I decided to go on Condesa Coffee and it was perfect! This place also has an outside patio that would be great for catching up with friends or for taking a study break! There is also so much space at Condesa, I bet you won’t have trouble finding a spot if you come!

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IMG_0712I ordered an iced caramel latte and really enjoyed it! In the past I got a caramel macchiato (the original way, not the Starbucks way) and it was great as well! Pretty much you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu! The staff is really nice too so I bet they would give you good recommendations!fb page

IMG_0713You can also get pastries here and alcoholic drinks if you’re trying to wind down!

For parking, there is mainly street parking as well as a few spots on in the parking deck that’s attached to the building. Definitely recommend checking out this place! I’ll be back for sure!


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