Brunch: The General Muir

DSC01858Hey everyone! Last weekend I met up with some friends to have brunch at The General Muir! It is located in Emory Point and is quite the popular spot! I asked my friends to help me write this review so here are our thoughts on what we tried!

DSC01860Smoked Hash– $11- crisped pastrami, potatoes, cabbage, peppers, caramelized onions, and sunny eggs- I got this dish and it was great and filling! I broke the egg onto the dish and loved the mix of different textures on this plate! The pastrami was definitely my favorite!

DSC01861Pecan Crusted French Toast– $10- Housebaked challah, vermont maple syrup, spiced butter, and roasted bananas- “The pecan crust was definitely really good, it created this crisp crust with a really nice and fluffy interior and the banana on top [basically] completed it. [The dish] was pretty full of flavor and [had] excellent texture. It wasn’t like any french toast id ever had because the combination of banana and the pecan crust made it pretty unique.”- Saeed

DSC01862Poached Eggs and Grits with a side of Crispy Pastrami (2 pieces)- $12 + $4- Made with gruyere, roast mushrooms, madeira sauce, and toast sticks- “I mainly enjoyed eating the grits and the pastrami (pastrami being my number 1 like). The pastrami was really flavorful and succulent. The grits were creamy and were packed with a lot of flavor. My umami sense was definitely catered to. I would definitely get the pastrami again. On the poached eggs and grits – I would probably try something else but not due to this dish being bad.”- David

DSC01863Avenue A– $11-an everything bagel with nova, schmear, avocado, grapefruit, cucumber, onion, and dill. “I think it was ok, given the fact that I am not a huge fan of sea food but the salmon was really fresh. I will try other dishes next time at General Muir, but I will recommend this to my friends who like salmon.” – Fiona
Caramel Macchiato– “I liked the caramel macchiato a lot, because it is a perfect combination of espresso flavor and sweet taste.”- Fiona

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I love the way this restaurant looked! Classy and well decorated with bubble lights and tiles!

DSC01852You can get food to go at The General Muir as well! Definitely recommend grabbing something here or sitting down for a meal here next time you’re in Emory point!


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