Restaurant: Gypsy Kitchen

DSC01218Hey everyone! Last month, my blogger friend Nikka (@ohnikka on instagram) and I went to Gypsy Kitchen after an event in Buckhead! Gypsy Kitchen “draws inspiration from the culinary riches of Spain – infused with Moroccan traditions from across the Gibraltar and Indian influences that travelled west along the same seas.” This restaurant is located on the second floor of the buckhead shops and is pretty upscale! The menu can be pricey but is doable if you share items on the menu like Nikka and I did! This was both our first time here and we had an awesome time dining together and sitting on the patio! Here’s what we tried:

DSC01223Gk Sangria (red wine)– $8- This was great and so refreshing! It’s a large glass and I would definitely get this again.

DSC01234DSC01244Chicken Croquetas– $7- Served with piquillo yogurt- This was a tapa dish made with mashed chicken. I liked the crunch to each bite and the sauce it came served with!

DSC01245Springer Mountain Chicken Tikka Masala– $22- Made with satay & braised thigh, cauliflower-almond puree, and house-made paneer bread- Very flavorful and the paneer bread was wonderful! I would definitely get this again.

DSC01239.jpgIf you dine at Gypsy Kitchen this summer, I highly recommend sitting on the patio for awesome views that would look beautiful at sunset.DSC01219

When I left the buckhead shops, I had to snap this picture of the string lights as I was leaving. I don’t know why but I love lights so much!DSC01247

Hope you decide to try out Gypsy Kitchen! It is a bit on the pricier side so justify going by going for a special occasion!


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