Why I Won’t Be Back at JavaVino

Photo by coffeeshopr.com

I think I could be considered a work-aholic since I feel like I’m always working on my laptop at a million miles an hour. In order to get a change of scenery while I work, I try to go to different coffee shops and specifically ones in Midtown or near Inman Park. The other day I went to JavaVino in the Poncey-Highlands and to be honest, I will not return there.DSC01864

When I walked in, I thought the coffee shop looked pretty nice and that there were plenty of places to sit and get work done. Another thing I noticed though was that everyone seemed to be 40+ in age- I was not feeling it. Lol I ordered an iced coffee and it was pretty standard in terms of taste. The weirdest thing about this place though..DSC01865

Photo by JavaVino

..was that there was a creepy man that sat out front by the JavaVino sign (pictured below) and just blankly stared into space. Every few minutes, he would get up, walk to the parking lot, circle around, and then return to his bench and stare  into space again. He was so weird and sometimes would come into the coffee shop and then would go right back out. I know the coffee shop can’t control this but he just freaked me out because I’m a super paranoid person and I don’t plan to go back.b00d3151-7842-4e51-ae34-4ce635803167

If you all go to JavaVino, I hope you have a better experience then me! Leave coffee shop recommendations for me in the comments!


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