Restaurant: Lifting Noodles Ramen

Hey everyone! Last week I tried out Lifting Noodles Ramen in We Suki Suki in East Atlanta Village! It is located next to Poke Burri (which is a spot I really like- see review here.) This is a super casual spot and feels like a mini market with different food stands! Check out my review below for what I recommend or thought could be improved.

IMG_2353.JPGDumplings– $4.50- I thought these dumplings tasted flavorful but unfortunately mine were still cold in the middle. I told the manager and he said the staff would pay more attention to cooking them thoroughly.

Wakame Salad– $3- This seaweed salad is a great appetizer option & has tasty, balanced flavors!

925dc7cb-f872-4398-8d78-ca79ba39859c-1Angry Zuko Ramen– $11- Made with spicy cream pork broth, roasted pork, wheat noodle, sweet corn, black mushrooms, bok choy, bean sprouts, scallions, pickled ginger, marinated soft-boiled egg, & roasted seaweed.

This ramen was awesome. It’s made with quality ingredients and the spice is perfect for flavor (not the painful kind of spice). There is a strong ginger taste just FYI if you are or aren’t into that. The egg & noodles were cooked perfectly and I really enjoyed this ramen!


Hope you decide to come here and try out the ramen! While you’re there also be sure to walk around East Atlanta Village- it’s got so much character and has a ton of murals to look at!

Thank you to Lifting Noodles Ramen for sponsoring this meal. All opinions are 100% my own.


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