My Favorite Way to Have a Chill Night Out in ATL

I have been meaning to do this post for soo long but I am excited to finally share one of my favorite ways to spend a chill night out in Atlanta (note this is only applicable for Friday or Saturday night). As a young professional, I’ve found that I enjoy the hanging out and catching up with friends environment more these days than the bar-hopping, shot-taking kind of nights (which still happen occassionally Lol). Here’s my go-to itinerary for a more chill Friday/ Saturday night that’s walkable, is great for catching up with friends, and still gets you out of the house!

Photo by Ormsby’s

This bar is one with board games, bocce ball, darts, and other fun little games! It’s two levels and is a large space to hangout! I usually start off the night with a beer here!

2.Little Trouble:
The cocktails here are delicious (and constantly changing) and I just love the overall vibe/ look to this place! It’s split into two sections: a seating area and a section with a bar. I usually can’t find a booth/ table in the seating area but I never mind standing near the bar. This spot it also so fun for taking pictures at with your friends!

OMG Marcel where to begin. First off, I think this is the nicest restaurant I’ve been in in Atlanta. It is a $$$$ steakhouse that has an affordable and incredible late night menu (offered from 11pm-2am). All food items on the late night menu are under $12!!! My favorite items are the frites canard (gravy over duck meat, fries, and a poached egg pictured above) and steak frites! I’ve also been recommended the cheeseburger and the Marcel’s Stack (a fried bologna sandwich) which I need to go back for! (Photo of restaurant above by OpenTable.)

If you want another place to tag on to this suggested list, you could start your night out at Painted Duck and then walk 7 minutes to Ormsby’s. I’m not a big fan of walking at night through parts of west midtown though because I get sketched out. Anyways, I hope you all decide to try out this layout with your friends of my favorite chill night out in Atlanta! Let me know what you think!



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